Hottest Artist In The World: Hello Operator

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Hello Operator share explosive new single "I've Created A Monster"

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Hello Operator are back with another teaser of what is to come from their debut album. The York four-piece have shared their latest single, "I Created a Monster". The track is a 4-minute explosion which 'weaves the tale of a man engulfed in the twisted fizzling of his own imagination'.

Raucous and raw from the off, the band will add the track to their arsenal as they head out across the UK this summer as part of their 'I Created a MonsTOUR', clever right. They are without a doubt one of the UK's most exciting Rock 'n' Roll prospects.

Hello Operator have picked up over 1 million playlist followers this week

With features on New Music Friday UK and Motivational Songs, along with 3 other influential Spotify playlists, Hello Operator have enjoyed a massive 828% increase in their playlist following this week, taking their total to over 1 million (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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