Hottest Artist In The World: Jack River

Written by frtyfve Team

Jack River is the stage name of Sydney-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Holly Rankin. As she sets out on her national Fault Line Tour, Jack River has released her latest single ‘Ballroom’, which follows previous singles ‘Fools Gold’ and ‘Fault Line’. Always cutting a unique edge to her electro-pop releases, ‘Ballroom’ is a singalong guitar-driven pop hit, tied together by an anthemic chorus and shimmering hooks. 

Ballroom has already been streamed over 120,000 times, appearing on  8 new playlists in the past seven days alone, including multiple New Music Friday playlists. This has given her a 485% increase in total playlist followers to 4.4 million, which has encouraged a surge of direct followers to over 6,300 (TalentAI).

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