Hottest Artist In The World - Jade Bird

Written by frtyfve Team

Jade Bird is showing potential to be one of the most exciting lyricists in the UK. From Hexham and currently based in London, the singer-songwriter has recently released ‘Lottery’, the follow up single to her critically acclaimed ‘Something American EP’.

“You used to tell me that / Love is a lottery / And you got your numbers / And you're betting on me”

A two and a half minute play on numbers, the single is a rugged and brash indie-rock affair, a style that Jade completely owns for the duration of the track. Following the release of Lottery, Jade is now featured on 55 Spotify playlists, giving her a total playlist following of over 12 million and direct following of 8,000, a 5% increase on last week (TalentAI).

With her debut album dropping by early 2019, Jade is an artist to keep track of and well deserving of the Hottest Artist In The World accolade.  

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