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Jamie Isaac shares his sophomore album '(04:30) Idler'

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Jamie Isaac’s 2016 debut ‘Couch Baby’ pulled elements of jazz, soul and R&B and wrapped them around quirky electronic stylings. It was extremely well received, picking up millions of streams and significant playlist attention.

Jamie Isaac’s (04:30) Idler is a bossa nova inspired record

His highly anticipated sophomore album ‘(04:30) Idler’ continues where he left off in respect of his experimentation. The bossa nova inspired record is executed with confidence, carried by electronic beats and his stunningly tender vocal.

Picking up features on seven influential playlists, including New Music Friday, Sommer Chillout and Sweet Soul Sunday, Jamie Isaac has picked up over 945,000 new playlist followers this week, taking his total to over 2.5 million (Instrumental’s A&R Scouting Platform).

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