Hottest Artist In The World: Julian Lamadrid

Written by frtyfve Team

Mexican-born, Dubai-raised, NYC-based Julian Lamadrid has set the foundations for a breakthrough year. 

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter already has three successful EP releases under his belt and is set to grow further with the release of his debut album. The seven-track record features breakup fuelled pop bangers like ‘Can’t Face It’, alongside slow electronic soundscapes in ‘Fool’ and short singing-rap bars in ‘Warm'. 

'Romans' was released on Friday 9th March and has already enjoyed significant playlist attention. Lead single 'Can't Face It' and album opener 'Falling in Love' have both made it onto the Chill Vibes playlist. This feature has encouraged a dramatic  772,997 (270%) increase in Lamadrid’s playlist followers, taking his total to over 1 million (TalentAI). With over 180,000 monthly listeners already, Lamadrid is armed with ‘Romans’ and is ready for the world to hear his colourful, yet minimalist pop. 

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