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Nottingham alt-rockers Kagoule drop convincing sophomore full-length 'Strange Entertainment'

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Notts three-piece Kagoule have dropped the follow up to their 2015 debut full-length record, 'Urth'. Prooving that rushing things is too often the wrong way, Kagoule have clearly spent all of their time off the stage, in the studio, honing a sound that they are happy with.

Fusing grungey alt-rock tones with post-punk elements, 'Strange Entertainment' is lyrically confusing, but sonically endearing. Journeying through stories, emotions and left-field breakaways, with fuzzy guitars and juxtaposed vocal play between Cai Burns and Lucy Hatter, Kagoule offer a refreshing take on the difficult second album.

Kagoule have enjoyed a huge 13,310% increase in their playlist following this week

Features on four hugely influential Spotify playlists, including Spotify's The Other List and Hype Machine's Most Blogged Artists, has encouraged a huge increase in Kagoule's playlist following. With 109,556 playlist followers and a 13% rise in Spotify artist popularity this week, Kagoule are picking up significant momentum (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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