Hottest Artist In The World: LA Brat-Pop duo HOLYCHILD are back

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LA Brat-Pop duo HOLYCHILD share the first teaser of their sophomore album

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Vocalist Liz Nistico and multi-instrumental Louie Diller look set to release the follow up to their 2015 full-length studio debut, ‘The Shape of Brat Pop to Come’. The duo, who met at George Washington University, have not released music for over two years.

Returning with a shift in sound, “Wishing You Away” remains as infectious and raw as their previous releases. However, it feels more alt-pop than brat-pop, with catchy melodies and explosive hooks.

HOLYCHILD have picked up over 2.9 million new playlist followers this week

With features on 23 influential playlists including New Music Friday and Playlist da Nah, the duo have picked up over 2.9 million new playlist followers this week, a 465% increase, which takes their total to 3,589,161 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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