Hottest Artist In The World: Leah Nobel

Written by frtyfve Team

Nashville’s Leah Nobel blurs the lines between folk and pop on new single “Coffee Sunday NYT”

Nashville based singer-songwriter Leah Nobel has shared her new single “Coffee Sunday NYT”, her second song of 2018. Born and raised in Phoenix, Nobel began writing songs in her teenage years, playing open mic nights and small acoustic shows. After experimenting with an electronic sound, Leah also began performing as HAEL, her electro-pop alter ego, who has featured in ad campaigns for companies like Apple.

Nobel has picked up just under 2 million playlist followers this week

With folk-inspired lyrical play complementing her ethereal voice and catchy pop quirks, Leah Nobel blurs the lines between folk and pop. “Coffee Sunday NYT” has picked up features on 6 influential Spotify playlists this week, including Indie Roadtrip and New Music Friday. These features have encouraged a huge 196.66% increase in her playlist following this week, taking her total to over 2.5 million (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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