Hottest Artist In The World: Lucia

Written by frtyfve Team

Glasgow indie-rockers Lucia share new single "Summertime"

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After being discovered busking in their hometown of Glasgow, Lucia have rapidly gained popularity. Framing their music as, “the perfect soundtrack to a teenage dream”, their new single “Summertime” can easily be imagined as the opening soundtrack to a 90s rom-com.

Lucia have picked up 1.6 million playlist followers this week

Inspired by classic love films, “Summertime” perfectly encapsulates the buoyant mood of summer, whilst its dreamy melody camouflages the more bittersweet mood emanated lyrically. “It’s simple, classic and upbeat. It’s the most dreamy song on the EP for drinking in the park with your pals,” the band explained.

After picking up features on influential playlists including ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘New Music Friday UK’, Lucia have enjoyed a huge 8000% increase in their total Spotify playlist following this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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