Hottest Artist In The World: Nana Adjoa

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Dutch-Ghanaian singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa is set to release her new EP

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Born in Amsterdam, multi-instrumentalist Nana Adjoa studied jazz at the prestigious Amsterdam Conservatory. However, after a conflict arose between the theoretical compositions she was studying and the free-flowing music she played in her spare time, she entered the prestigious ‘Grote Prjs van Nederland’ pop music competition. She got to the final round and got picked up by one of the judges, who decided to manage her.

Nana Adjoa has enjoyed a 1,088% increase in her playlist following this week

Last year, she released her powerfully melodic debut EP, ‘Down at the Root (Part 1)’. As she prepares to release the second half of the EP, ‘Down at the Root (Part 2)’, she has shared “Part Of It”. Alongside simple piano layers, her vocal stands strong, carrying the track into its warm and mellow electronic backing.

After being featured on New Indie Mix, Lazy Sunday Music and Kaffeehausmusik playlists, Nana Adjoa has enjoyed a 1,088.27% increase in her playlist following this week (Instrumental).  

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