Hottest Artist in The World: Octavian

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Octavian drops daring debut album "SPACEMAN"

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Determined to be more than ‘the rapper that Drake lauded at an after party’, Octavian makes a statement with his daring debut album ‘SPACEMAN’. He has found a sweet spot on the UK urban scene somewhere in between the current afro-swing wave, UK grime and road-rap as led by the likes of Giggs.

The project is in many ways dichotomous, with moments of rawness and vulnerability contrasting with hard-hitting, aggressive bars and beats. In “Sleep”, the dragged out vocals are menacing and the tone is taunting, but this temperament is frequently interrupted by softer moments and even biblical spoken word. “You gotta go through the worst times in life to get to the best,” Octavian is gathered and mature, his vocals warm and emotive. Indeed he draws from personal experience throughout, referencing his turbulent relationship with his mother and uncle, whilst flaunting his success in the face of those who doubted or mistreated him.

Octavian has gained a massive 2 million playlist followers this week

Tracks from ‘SPACEMAN’ have been featured on 42 playlists this week, including the hugely influential New Music Friday. This has fuelled a 93% increase in Octavian’s playlist followers (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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