Hottest Artist In The World: Olivia Nelson

Written by frtyfve Team

London based R&B singer Olivia Nelson shares highly anticipated debut EP ‘For You’

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London based R&B/Soul singer Olivia Nelson has released her highly anticipated debut EP, ‘For You’. Featuring lead single “Never Too Late” and popular single releases “Smother Me”, “Up All Night” and “Hideaway”, the 9-track EP explores a deeply personal journey. Sharing the narrative from the end of a relationship, ‘For You’ is Olivia’s solace and space to reflect.

“It was about knowing that this person was a special part of my life and honoring that, but knowing that sometimes it’s a good thing when things end,” Olivia explains.

Olivia Nelson is featured on 31 influential playlists this week

Having featured on Jarreau Vandal’s “Someone That You Love”, Olivia Nelson is no stranger to huge streaming figures, with that track picking up over 9m streams on Spotify alone. With features on 31 influential playlists, including New Music Friday, she has picked up over 5.5m total playlist followers this week, clocking a huge 803% increase (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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