Hottest Artist In The World: ORKID

Written by frtyfve Team

ORKID, aka Matilda Melin, is at the forefront of Sweden’s new class of electro-pop stars.

The 21-year-old pop-starlet is currently based in Stockholm, a thriving hub for modern pop. At the age of 16, Matilda entered Swedish Idol, the perfect stage for her to showcase her potential. After progressing through the competition, she made the decision to hone her songwriting skills away from the limelight whilst completing her education.

Back with a huge new single, ‘Wasted’, it is clear to see that her decision was a good one. Her velvety but commanding vocals are laid over huge pop hooks, making the track a certified pop hit.

Following the release of 'Wasted', she has enjoyed a massive increase in playlist followers from 182,402 to 5,196,580 (TalentAI). Having gained over 200,000 streams in less than a week and securing features on numerous New Music Friday playlists, it is likely we’ll be hearing a lot from more ORKID in the coming year.

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