Hottest Artist In The World: Pink Sweat$

Written by frtyfve Team

Pink Sweat$ drops genre-bending blues-pop 'Volume 2' EP

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Following his debut EP, which was released 5 months ago, Pink Sweat$ is back with his highly anticipated sophomore EP, 'Volume 2'. Featuring popular lead single "I Know" and previously shared "Coke and Henny Pt.2", the release is a genre-bending bluesy-pop affair, showcasing his stunning vocal.

Speaking about the new drop, Pink Sweat$ said on Instagram, “this Volume 2 EP is the epitome of breaking genre boundaries and that’s what I hope to continue to do for you all every time #pinkgang or no gang.”

With features on 86 influential Spotify playlists including Chilled R&B and Are & Be, Pink Sweat$ has picked up over 24 million playlist followers this week, marking an incredible 26% increase. Continued success has also encouraged an increase in his direct artist following which now sits at 71,432, increasing by over 5,200 in the last 7 days alone (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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