Hottest Artist In The World: Robinson

Written by frtyfve Team

With the release of her new single “Nothing to Regret”, 21-year-old New Zealander Robinson has cruised to the top of the TalentAI charts. At the time of writing she is leading the way for all artists not signed to a major label. With over 350,000 streams in the past three days, it is a sure hit with her 533,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

“Nothing to Regret” is a pop-banger inspired by close friendships and spontaneous late night living room parties. “Baby, we don’t need no money, no worries tonight, start a party in the living room, turn it up until we feel it boom,” Robinson croons.  

With production and co-writing duties credited to Joel Little (Khalid, Lorde), Sam De Jong (30 Seconds to Mars, Noah Kahan), Allie Crystal and Larzz Prinicpato (Dua Lipa, Halsey), it is no surprise the track has such star-quality.

The track has increased Robinson’s playlist following by 227% in 7 days, taking her total following to over 9.9 million (TalentAI). Appearing on 36 playlists, including multiple ‘New Music Friday’s’, we expect this number is only going to rise further.

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