Hottest Artist In The World: Roses Gabor

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Respected vocalist Roses Gabor brings on Sampha for high energy single, “Illusions.”

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Roses Gabor is a name familiar to many music enthusiasts, though likely not for her solo work. The artist has been securing features for years, from underground collaborations with Ivy Lab, JD Reid, and Buraka Som Sistema to higher-profile artists like SBTRKT, Gorillaz, Brasstracks, and Redlight. With only three singles previously under her name, Roses Gabor has enlisted Sampha for her fourth, titled “Illusions.”

Roses Gabor has been added to four playlists this week, taking her total playlist count to 21.

The two vocalists harmonize wonderfully on “Illusions,” with their airy voices providing a stark yet fitting contrast to Sampha’s chaotic and energetic production. After this release, Roses Gabor boasts over 4 million playlist followers and 1,000 artist followers, gaining attention from R&B lovers on New Music Friday while appealing to the underground crowd on New Indie Mix and Independent Music Monday (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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