Hottest Artist In The World: She Drew The Gun

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She Drew The Gun shine on poignant sophomore record

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Forged from Louisa Roacher’s poetic lyricism and powerful vocal, She Drew The Gun are going from strength-to-strength with their evocative brand of psych-pop.

Edging away from their well-received folk dominated debut LP, She Drew The Gun impress on their poignant sophomore ‘Revolution Of Mind’. With Roacher’s Scouse vocals sliding in and out of spoken word between melodic choruses, she offers her evaluation on societal structures and government actions. Packed around synthy elements and psych guitar fizzes, the record is sonically exceptional.

She Drew The Gun have enjoyed a 470% increase their playlist following this week

With features on 9 influential playlists including New Music Friday UK and BBC Radio 6 Music Playlist, She Drew The Gun have enjoyed a huge 470% increase in their playlist following this week, taking their total to over 920,000 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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