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Dutch artist Tessa Rose Jackson has released her debut EP, under her new moniker Someone. After releasing an album full of sync-perfect TV soundtracks, she has made the transition to an experimental upbeat sound.

The latest single from the EP is ‘Chain Reaction’, which follows previous singles "Say Something" and "Forget Forgive". Featuring fluttering melodies and carried by a fast bass line, the track is a statement release. Exploring a myriad of moods and thoughts, it would seem that her new moniker has given her the freedom to truly express herself.

Discussing her new EP, she says "someone is a celebration of creativity, identity and optimism. It’s about doing what you love and being who you are, regardless of what others may say. I took that mindset into the studio with me, which resulted in five tracks that are stylistically quite varied. Each song represents a different turning point or moment of realisation that helped me get through a rather rough patch in my life. And put together it feels like a coming of age."

Following the release of 'Chain Reaction', Someone has gained real traction on Spotify, with her artist playlist following rising from just over 600 to 267,030 playlist followers (TalentAI). With features on New Music Friday Netherlands also in the bag, she will be looking to break out across Europe in the coming months.

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