Hottest Artist In The World: Sophia Black

Written by frtyfve Team

Sophia Black shares “Blessed”, the latest single from her forthcoming EP.

Los Angeles born and raised, Sophia Black, has shared “Blessed”, the second track from her forthcoming EP ‘Hi Sweetie’. The EP will feature tales of romance, relationships and memes, delivered with upbeat indie-pop backing and a hip-hop edge.

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Sophia Black has over 3.1 million playlist followers this week

“Blessed”, which features rapper LunchMoney Lewis, explores her personal struggles overcoming a negative headspace.

"It felt like all I could think of was bad stuff," Sophia recalls, "so when I got into the studio with Naz, I started writing down every positive opposite of what I was thinking... and voila! Blessed!" 

With features on multiple New Music Friday playlists, her total playlist following has grown to over 3.1 million this week. With an increasingly engaged audience, her artist following has also increased to 11,700 in the past seven days (Instrumental).

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