Hottest Artist In The World: Sudan Archives

Written by frtyfve Team

Los Angeles-based Sudan Archives returns with genre-bending, North African influenced, EP 'Sink'

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Brittany Denise Parks, better known as Sudan Archives, has the wondrous ability to combine unconventional sounds and styles. On 'Sink', the singer and violinist combines swaggering grooves, North African inspired folk patterns and airy soundscapes to form a refreshing electro-folk release.

Sudan Archives has picked up over 450,000 playlist followers this week

With features on 9 influential playlists, Sudan Archives has over 450,000 playlist followers this week, alongside a 23,000 strong direct following (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform). It is quite astonishing what Parks has achieved with a digital looping station and a violin. 'Sink' illustrates her continued mastery of music logic.

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