Hottest Artist In The World: The Blinders

Written by frtyfve Team

The Blinders release explosive debut album Columbia

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Emerging from Doncaster as new bastions of explosive live music, The Blinders have become a must-see band on the UK live circuit in the past two years. Fusing punk politics, gnarly hooks and psych-lyricism, the band have found the perfect algorithm to live success.

After dropping “Gotta Get Through”, the first preview from their full-length debut album, we expected a storm of noise. The Blinders do not disappoint. ‘Columbia’ offers the punk edge and dark imagery teased on its singles, but with indie rock choruses which make the whole release a lot less intimidating to the average listener.

The Blinders have picked up over 2 million new playlist followers this week

Picking up support from 14 influential playlists, including Indispensables and Walk Like A Badass, The Blinders have enjoyed a 132% increase in their playlist following in the past 7 days, taking their total to over 3.5 million. With a 5.45% increase in their artist following, the trio also seem to be building a solid fanbase (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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