Hottest Artist In The World: The Brahms

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Dutch indie-rockers The Brahms share catchy anthem “Nights”.

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Having won multiple Dutch new music awards, The Brahms have returned with a new single “Nights”. Since collaborating with London-based producer Larry Hibbitt (Nothing But Thieves, Sundara Karma, Bloxx) on their previous single, the band have crafted an explosive and bouncy indie-rock sound that is set to catapult them way beyond their Utrecht origin.

The Brahms have secured a 70% increase in their playlist following this week

“Nights” is no exception to this, with bouncy guitar riffs and festival-ready melodic hooks, it is arguably their most driven track to date. The Brahms have enjoyed a 70% increase in their playlist following in the past 7 days, picking up 106,000 new playlist followers, taking their total to over 250,000 (Instrumental).

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