Hottest Artist In The World: The Luka State

Written by Dylan Hallihan

The Luka State release “What’s My Problem”, a love-themed single with a twist

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With a throwback sound drenched in the brazen, in-your-face swagger of the heady Indie-Rock days of the early millennium, The Luka State look set for a big 2019 on the back of latest track “What’s My Problem”. Natives of Winsford, a small town situated between the two heavyweight guitar music cities of Liverpool and Manchester, the exciting four-piece have drawn heavily on the traditional rock sound of their surroundings to create a monster sing-a-long tune with mass, stadium-sized appeal.

In what has been a slightly fragmented yet hugely promising start to their early career, The Luka State have used a healthy number of single releases over the past four years to explore their sound, noticeably appearing most at ease on recent uptempo releases “Bury Me” and “Kick In The Teeth”. Building on their natural energetic rawness, “What’s My Problem” showcases another level to the Cheshire outfit. Combining a brilliant, rip-roaring instrumental with an infectious chorus of huge anthemic potential, they succeed in delivering a sound that is the early holy grail for many up-and-coming Indie Rock bands. It is, however, in the thought-provoking, yet condensed lyrical narrative of the song where The Luka State may really have revealed their staying power.

Lead Singer Conrad Ellis explores an unorthodox approach to love that is refreshingly authentic as he laments “I’m in love cause I want to be lonely, so what’s my problem”. This feeling of emotional indifference to love offers a welcome different perspective to the over-played, mawkish expressions we so often hear on the subject matter. Contrasting interestingly with the uptempo, carefree sound of the record, it is the type of lyric that resonates long after the track has finished, a sign that The Luka State possess the depth required to make inroads in a traditionally overcrowded genre.

With features on 12 influential playlists including Volume Maximo and Totally Alt, The Luka State have over 3.2 million playlist followers this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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