Hottest Artist In The World: The Pale White

Written by frtyfve Team

North East fast-risers The Pale White have dropped their second single in a matter of months.

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The Pale White have shared their thunderous new single ‘Peace of Mind’. With huge riffs, crashing drum parts and catchy riffs, the track is an exciting sign of things to come from the Newcastle trio.

Speaking about the new single, singer Adam says:

"Our second offering this year. Let it rip through the bone-structured cage, which cradles the unpredictable and often misunderstood muscle that is the human brain. We are vultures circling our own demise until we choose to regain consciousness."

With a 50% increase in total playlist followers over the past 7 days, they've now exceeded a total of 2.5 million, appearing on 21 influential playlists including 'Digging Now' and New Music Friday UK (Instrumental).

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