Hottest Artist In The World: The Undercover Dream Lovers

Written by frtyfve Team

The Undercover Dream Lovers is the NYC based project of Matt Koenig. Blending vibrant synths, grooving basslines and Matt’s soft falsetto, the psychedelic indie rock band picked up significant attention with the release of ‘Good Luck’ (2016) and ‘Come Home’ (2017). With the occasional support of friends and collaborators, Koenig does the production, songwriting and mixing from his bedroom.

Kicking off 2018 strong, The Undercover Dream Lovers’ sophomore EP has been released. The six-track EP, ‘In Real Time’, has won appearances on Spotify’s ‘Ultimate Indie’, ‘Hanging Out and Relaxing’ and ‘Feel Good Indie Rock’ playlists. This has generated a total artist playlist following of 8,561,308, which is a 27% increase over the past 7 days (TalentAI).

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