Hottest Artist In The World: Zilo

Written by frtyfve Team

London-based fast-riser Zilo shares R&B debut ‘The Nature Of The Beast’

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Fast-rising R&B newcomer Zilo has dropped her debut project ‘The Nature Of The Beast’. The album features her most streamed track “Keep Up Wimmi”, which has picked up over 500,000 Spotify plays to date.

Fusing her soulful R&B sound with classic hip-hop production, Zilo has made a statement of intent with ‘The Nature Of The Beast’.

Zilo says the project dissects "the essential character or behaviour of a person, event or circumstance which usually cannot change, and so must be accepted. Each song on this project showcases a different mood and aspect of my personality & the ways in which I've approached the situations based on my nature - or that of another person."

Zilo has picked up over 500,000 playlist followers this week

With features on 5 influential playlists this week, Zilo has enjoyed a 10.61% increase in her playlist following this week, pushing her to an impressive 513,699 followers (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform). Picking up support from playlists including Spotify & Chill and Soul ‘n’ the City, Zilo’s 40,000 monthly listeners are sure to grow in the coming months.

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