Icelandic Högni Egilsson builds upon success of debut solo album with floaty new track “Innsæi”

Written by Charlotte Marston

After a decade of touring eclectic projects, Högni comes into his own as a refreshing solo artist

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Having had a gravitational presence in the Icelandic music scene and culture for over a decade, native Högni Egilsson’s latest release “Innsæi” firmly places the singer-songwriter into his own. After fronting both indie-rock band Hjaltalí and electronic group GusGus, composing theatre and producing film and television scores, Högni leaves behind his eclectic music past and touring to pursue his long-awaited solo projects. Embracing ambience through a highly reflective personal lens, it becomes clear Högni’s work is set to be even more successful and wide-reaching than his previous projects.

“Innsæi” introduces Högni as a romantic singer-songwriter with a twist

“Innsæi” blends soft piano strokes seamlessly with floating, clean vocals as it becomes hard to imagine that Högni had never set out to become a professional musician. Evocative of modern classical and jazz influences and dealing subtly with notions of love, loss and time, the track is slightly softer than his previous work on debut album “Two Trains”— influenced largely by industrial Iceland in the early 1900s— as clunky metallic rhythms are left behind for a more romantic sound that proves both refreshing and nostalgic. With features on NPR All Songs Considered and Icelandic Indie, among 8 influential Spotify playlists, Högni has picked up over 1.5 million playlist followers this week. This has also converted into a steady artist following growth rate of 2.35%, taking his total to 2,609 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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