Interview with Allman Brown

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Previously we have featured Allman Brown on 6 songs from emerging artists that you need today. We were so won over by his stunning lyricism (just look at the chorus taken from 'Palms' below), that we wanted to find out a little more about him.

You're sunlight in my bones / When I'm all out of hope / I'm not lonely when I'm alone / Your sweet oxygen / Rushing through my blood / Deep satisfaction".

The singer-songwriter has an unfathomable ability to write smart, impossibly catchy and bitterly sweet lyrics.

Can you recall the moment you fell in love with music?

When I heard 'Bad' by Michael Jackson. I listened to it over and over. I was about six or seven.

Were there any artists in particular that inspired you to pick up a guitar?

Ryan Adams and Justin Vernon. Ryan Adams just absolutely took hold of me and Justin Vernon made me realise you could do something different and paint outside the lines as long as you believed in what you were doing. 

What do you remember of your music world in Hong Kong?

When you're young you listen to your parents' music, right? So basically I grew up on a diet of Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye, Glen Campbell, Neil Diamond and then my brother hit his teenage years and there was a lot of Guns N' Roses and Nirvana being played. I tended towards mega sentimental ballads and pop songs which I’m sure you can tell from my own songs.

What’s changed since the release of your first single?

In the music industry, Spotify and other streaming services have risen to prominence. This allows artists like me to reach a global audience.

‘1000 Years’ was a momentous release for you, a combination of fan favourites and a few new tracks. Were you happy with where the record took you and the reception it received?

Personally, it meant a lot to finally release an album after years of work. I was working in restaurants and pubs for 10 years whilst trying to build a music career so it was amazing to finally create an album. I am proud of it, sure, and I’m honoured that people have embraced it. The greatest honour is when people use the songs for weddings or contact me to tell me my songs have helped them through tough times. It means a lot.

You’ve just released Moonlight, what’s the track inspired by?

I was looking at my wife and thinking of what it would feel like to be married to her for a lifetime and how it feels when two people share emotional intimacy, and how that intimacy can save you.

Are there any plans in place for sophomore album?

At the moment I’m thinking in terms of 5 track EPs. One is out in March and the other later in the year. I would love to go away though and record another album, just give myself a month or something and write a concept album of interrelated songs. I just have to think of a concept!

You have over 1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, how important has the streaming world been to your music career?

The streaming world is my career. Spotify along with my awesome distributor, The Orchard, have given me a platform to reach and build an audience. They backed me and believed in me when no one else would.

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