Ivy Adara drops her highly anticipated EP 'Intraduction'

Written by frtyfve Team

After a string of incredible single releases, Ivy Adara graces us with EP ‘Intraduction’

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After teasing with promising pop tracks over the last couple of months, Ivy Adara has finally released EP ‘Intraduction’. It doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. Lead singles "Famous" and "Currency" gained impressive support on Spotify, with both tracks surpassing 6 million streams.

The EP is a collection of thoughtfully crafted shimmering songs, reminiscent of new stars such as Sigrid. It showcases her admirable songwriting skills which have won her awards and collaborations with chart-topping artists: "Currency" is a lyrical and conceptual gem full of positive and cleverly-composed reflections.

Ivy Adara’s playlist following has increased by 85% this week

Backed by New Music Friday playlists across the globe, Ivy Adara has already picked up a monumental 2.3 million playlist followers. Ivy is on an upward trajectory all the way from down under, and we’re more than excited to see what comes next (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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