Jaylon Ashaun is an R&B star in the making

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R&B hot prospect Jaylon Ashaun has aligned the stars with his latest single ‘I Got You’

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Jaylon Ashaun’s latest single ‘I Got You’, has affirmed his status as an extremely exciting R&B fast-riser.

Surrounded by a musical family, Jaylon was raised in Houston, picking up the guitar, piano and singing in church from an early age. A musical prodigy, he released his first album ‘Identity’ in 2015.

R&B artist Jaylon Ashaun enjoys a breakthrough week following the release of ‘I Got You’

Following his previous single ‘Sandcastles’, Ashaun has released his first track of the year in ‘I Got You’. A celebration of love and joy, it's fun and easy-listening track, with R&B roots, clever wordplay and singalong hooks.

Last week, Jaylon Ashaun had just over 2,000 artist playlist followers on Spotify. But after a breakthrough week, with features on playlists such as Fresh Finds, this figure has grown to 643,536 (Instrumental).

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