Jeffrey Piton shares intimate single "A Place To Call Home"

Written by Dylan Hallihan

Jeffrey Piton steps away from his French pop roots with touching new single "A Place To Call Home"

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Bilingual musician Jeffrey Piton showcases his singer-songwriter capabilities with the stunningly reflective single “A Place To Call Home”. Alternating drastically from his 2015 French pop album release “La Transition”, Piton not only seems equally at ease singing in English, but seems to excel with this impressive follow up to previous single “On My Own”, released earlier this year.

Behind a refreshingly simplistic acoustic guitar and drum beat, the Montreal native paints a vividly personal picture of a man wrestling with the age-old feeling of growing older and wanting to make sense of life and his place in the world.

Whilst the singer-songwriter explores a rather melancholic subject matter, he still manages to leave a sense of reassurance, offering solace in knowing that we all go through this personal struggle of finding our own place to call home. Piton himself stated that he found the whole process of writing this song to be very therapeutic, a fact we hear so clearly in the rousing, repetitive nature of the final choruses.

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