​Krrum is back with another quirky electro-pop offering

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Leeds producer Alex Carrie, aka Krrum, returns with Waves.

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Krrum is the moniker of Leeds producer Alex Carrie. Having grown up in the Peak District, he did not properly get into music until he moved to the city.

Crafting a catchy, but off-kilter style, he picked up a lot of attention with the release of his debut single ‘Morphine’ in 2015. Returning from the lab with ‘Waves’, his new single is a fun, but quirky electro-pop offering.

"'Waves' is about noticing the cyclical nature of everything, being scared of repeating things and having no control over it, like your life is predetermined," Alex explains. "It’s still a pop song when all’s said and done but the more fidgety, frantic arrangement is a nod to that paranoia.”

With features on 4 influential playlists, in the space of a week, Krumm has reached over 770,000 total track followers (Instrumental). Waves will feature on his debut album 'Honeymoon', which is out on June 15th.

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