LA pop newcomer DEANNA explores 'fake it til you make it confidence' on sultry single "King"

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LA pop newcomer DEANNA returns with sultry single "King"

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Following a number of topline features and a collaborative EP with SLVYVLL artist, Parker, DEANNA has released her first single of 2018. A synth-heavy, rhythmic pop track, it was written and produced in collaboration with Ultra producer, Lost Boy.

"King" is a sultry summer anthem

"King" is both sultry and empowering, with real potential to be a summer anthem. Inspired by her transition from the Bay Area to LA, the track also has a great message:

"It's about having 'fake it til you make it' confidence and owning your dopeness. I was surrounded by all these incredibly accomplished and talented people with major hits and had to reclaim some of my self-esteem. If you listen to a song that tells you-you're the baddest for long enough, it starts to feel true."

Having picked up over 3 million streams to date with tracks she has featured on, DEANNA will hope to amass similar figures with her solo work. Featured on 5 influential playlists this week, she has picked up a playlist following of over 60,000, which is a great base for her to increase her 7,035 total monthly listeners over the coming weeks (Instrumental).

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