LISTEN: Chelsea Jade drops long-awaited debut album "Personal Best"

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Chelsea Jade shares her long-awaited debut album "Personal Best"

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According to Chelsea Jade, she is a two-time art school dropout from Aukland, New Zealand, embroiled in a love affair with LA pop music. But her new album "Personal Best" is captivating, lyrically smart and sonically soothing.

Chelsea Jade has picked up over 7.2 million playlist followers this week

Talking about the lead single "Laugh It Off", Chelsea Jade said:

“I wanted to be nonchalant about this other person’s feelings, which seem designed to manipulate me. It’s about rising above but being completely insensitive while you get there. A middle finger on the way up.”

Gaining features on 25 influential playlists including Young & Free and New Music Friday, Chelsea Jade has picked up over 3.2 million new playlist followers this week, encouraging a huge 82% increase in her total following, which now stands at 7.2 million (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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