LISTEN: Jade Bird shares her take on “Walk Like an Egyptian” for Spotify Singles

Written by frtyfve Team

British singer-songwriter Jade Bird shares her take on The Bangles’ 1986 banger

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Fast-rising singer-songwriter Jade Bird has already penned impressive singles in “Lottery” and “Furious”. Returning with a new Spotify Singles session, Bird shares her take on The Bangles’ 1986 banger “Walk Like an Egyptian”.

Jade Bird has picked up over 19 million playlist followers this week

Somehow managing to speed up what was an already well-paced track, Bird employs a punky tempo alongside her ruggedly dynamic vocal. Also sharing a live version of her ferocious new single “Uh Huh”, she illustrates the potential of her debut full-length which she is currently working on.

Backed by 80 influential playlists, including New Music Friday and Your Favourite Coffeehouse, Jade Bird has picked up an impressive 19.1 million playlist followers this week, marking a solid 33.5% increase (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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