LISTEN: Olivver The Kid drops new EP ‘Ego Surfin’

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Former The Neighbourhood drummer Bryan Sammis returns under his solo moniker Olivver The Kid

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From global success as the drummer of The Neighbourhood, to the growing strength of alt-rock project La Bouquet, Bryan Sammis returns with another glowing instalment of his solo efforts. Off the back of two single releases earlier this year, Sammis has released a new EP entitled ‘Ego Surfin’.

“Overreacting” is the standout track on the EP, a bubbly alt-pop exploration of ego and self-worth, it captures the tone of the full release.

Olivver The Kid is featured on 21 influential playlists this week

“Ego Surfin’ is an EP about living in today's climate, in today's culture, & trying to remain an individual. It’s about trying to find something of meaning that isn’t already out there, that everybody doesn’t already have. This EP is in itself a self-reflection & projection of who I am in the day & age where everybody is somebody,” Sammis explains.

Picking up features on 21 influential playlists, Olivver The Kid has gained over 400,000 new playlist followers in the past 7 days, a 105% increase, taking his total to over 870,000 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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