Murkage Dave drops street soul track ‘You Always Ring Me When I’m Busy’

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Murkage Dave returns alongside Hologram Lo with street soul track ‘You Always Ring Me When I’m Busy’

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Murkage Dave has crafted a unique street soul sound, fusing styles and practices with a desire to speak only when he has something to say.

Straight off the back of a tour with The Streets, Murkage Dave has dropped ‘You Always Ring Me When I’m Busy’, a gritty, street fuelled, melancholy soul track.

Murkage Dave returns alongside Parisian producer Hologram Lo

Born in Leytonstone, Dave was raised on pirate radio and combines his London street influences with British soul. Having collaborated with the likes of Mike Skinner, Jaykae and Skepta in the past year, he has returned alongside Parisian producer Hologram Lo.

With features on 4 influential playlists following the release of the new single, Murkage Dave has enjoyed a 1,204.94% increase in his total artist playlist following to over 710,000 (Instrumental).

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