New Music Friday: Big Spring

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New Music Friday Recommends: Big Spring drop explosive alt-rock banger “New Wave”

Check out Big Spring on our New Music Daily playlist.

This week's frtyfve New Music Friday recommendation is London based alt-rock four-piece Big Spring. Harnessing a solid reputation for their explosivity, the band have shared their latest single “New Wave”.

Big Spring's Spotify playlist following has grown to over 1.46 million this week

Whilst QOTSA comparisons are a little quick, the band have executed the delivery of a melodic yet grunge-tinged, raucous banger. With features on New Music Friday UK, Totally Alt, New Noise, amongst four other influential playlists, the band have picked up 607,000 new playlist followers, taking their total to over 1.46 million (Instrumental’s A&R scouting platform).

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