On our radar: Alexi Blue

Written by frtyfve Team

LA-born and raised Alexi Blue is part of the generation of talented artists breaking through on YouTube. Having posted cover songs on the platform since a young age, she has built a huge 439,000 subscriber base and has since transitioned into releasing original music.

Playing both guitar and drums, the multi-instrumentalist has just released her new single ‘Bitchcraft’. With huge pop hooks and catchy melodies, the release is pop music at its best, with a real R&B edge. Alongside her previous and equally catchy single ‘3 Minutes’, 'Bitchcraft' has pushed Alexi Blue's total playlist following to over 1.2 million and her direct following to 28,000 (TalentAI). These stats suggest that her transition from YouTube star to popstar could be a successful one.

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