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Written by frtyfve Team

Like many young children, Feki’s first steps into the music world began with piano lessons. Despite the initial reluctance to accept his classic music background, Feki honed his skills and learnt a discipline, graduating with a BA (Hons) Music degree in 2015. One valuable lesson he took away from his traditional music education was the need and ability to collaborate.

Upon graduating, Feki was accepted into the Soundcloud community, creating weekly beat cyphers for Team Supreme, an LA beat collective. Through collaboration, he harnessed his production skills, injected identity into 60 second tracks, and began to develop his own signature sound.

With the release of ‘You Got Me’ and ‘Run Away’, Feki surpassed one million streams on Spotify. New release ‘Love You Better’ has received over 3.5m streams in the first 5 days of its release. The euphoric electronic track features vocals from Karina Wykes, the lead singer from equally fast-rising Sydney alt-pop trio Glades.

‘Love You Better’ encouraged an increase of 494,367 total playlist followers, taking Feki's total to over 8.5 million. Appearing on 26 playlists, including the likes of Good Vibes and Trap Nation, his growth looks set to continue (TalentAI).

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