On Our Radar: Iyamah releases 'Truth EP.1'.

Written by Emily Fortune

Iyamah's constant growth is sure to put her at the top of her game this year

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Not only is she able to capture your imagination with her intriguing lyricism and distinctive melody, but Iyamah's voice also carries her tracks to another level. This latest project will be putting her on the wide-ranging map of UK R&B and of course, in her own unique lane.

Her popularity began to grow with her support for fellow R&B artist Mahalia around the UK last spring and with her performances at various festivals last summer, making this year a perfect time to release a project to her mass of new listeners. Her uplifting sound and constant growth are bound to put her at the top of her game this coming year.

With a string of singles released since mid-last year, Iyamah has been gaining traction with her acoustic-infused, neo-soul. From tracks ‘Silver and Gold’ gaining 213,000 Spotify plays and ‘Cryptic Love’ now on 1,278,255 plays - the EP comes to tie everything together. Picking up features on four influential Spotify playlists, Iyamah has over 125,000 playlist followers this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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