On our Radar: James Deacon releases powerful debut single 'Not Givin Up'

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Johannesburg multi-instrumentalist James Deacon drops powerful debut

Hailing from Johannesburg, 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist James Deacon digs deep into his soul on debut effort 'Not Givin Up'. After a life-threatening accident severed tendons in Deacon's right arm, hindering his ability to play the instruments he learned to love, his debut and forthcoming EP draws from determination and honesty.

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With obvious soul, blues and hip-hop influences, his debut is a deeply personal soundtrack ready effort. Smart lyrical play and flirting melodies add to the wonder of his courageous story.

Speaking about the single James explains, "'Not Givin' Up' is all about leaving the safety of a day job or desk job and pursuing my dream regardless of how hard it will be to get where I want to go. Basically, life is short and I don't want to waste my life cooped up in the same environment until I die. It's a big fuck you to all the bosses I've ever had and all the people who held me back or told me I wasn't good enough."

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