On our radar: Johnny Balik

Written by frtyfve Team

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire Johnny Balik is disrupting the Talent AI charts once again with the release of his latest single “Honey”, adding yet another pop gem to what’s already an impressive repertoire. Combining a peppy guitar riff with slick basslines and smooth vocals, “Honey” teeters between neo-soul and RnB, making for perfect springtime Sunday listening.

Hailing from Toronto, Johnny’s been releasing his own music since 2016 and amassed a huge 7,252,000+ streams across his tracks combined. “Honey” was released on 26th January and has pushed Johnny’s total playlist following to over 1.1 million (TalentAI).

Johnny is hiding in his studio creating more smooth pop for the foreseeable future, so no planned shows for now - but we await hearing more from him soon.

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