On our radar: Liza Anne

Written by frtyfve Team

This week’s TalentAI chart is dominated by a battle between EDM and singer-songwriters, an interesting billing right? Fighting her way to the top and on our radar today is standout Nashville-via-Georgia singer-songwriter Liza Anne. With features on Your Favourite Coffeehouse and Infinite Acoustic, her latest single has pushed her total artist playlist followers to over 17 million (TalentAI).

An easy-listening indie-rock critique of dull connections and conversations, her third single Small Talks, is taken from her upcoming album ‘Fine But Dying’, out in March via Arts & Crafts. Lines like “the older I get the harder it gets / Maybe I’m fine, maybe I’m dying / I’m just tired, tired of trying” are examples of her smart lyricism. The album was recorded in Paris, co-produced alongside Zachary Dyke at La Frette studios.

‘Small Talks’ is a great taste of what is to come from the new record. ‘Fine But Dying’ is out on 9th March via Arts & Crafts.

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