On Our Radar: Lucky Daye

Written by Emily Fortune

Creating colourful alternative-funk doused in RnB, we'd like to introduce you to Lucky Daye.

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Having recently released two EPs in the lead up to his debut album, ‘Painted’, Lucky Daye explores the space between funk, soul and RnB, fused with his own specific sound. The New Orleans-born artist had a unique introduction to music, being isolated from secular music until his early childhood, his sound pushes through conventional ideas and patterns.

Lucky Daye teamed up with producer D-Mile to create his intriguing style. From samples of Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’, propped up with guitar licks and trap-influenced production, to his most successful track, ‘Roll Some Mo’, with soothing vocals reminiscent of Frank Ocean, up-beat percussion and orchestral harmonies, Lucky Daye is creating music that sounds like a sun-drenched day in LA.

From New-Orleans to Atlanta, to driving 36 hours straight to LA in the hope of furthering his chances of creating the music he wanted, Lucky Daye is doing whatever means necessary to share his sound. Having been quoted in an interview explaining he ‘ran out of f**ks to give’, when it comes to entertaining the masses with a commercially acceptable style, Lucky Daye’s future of releases with his vibrant sound and visuals, is extremely exciting.

With these past two EPs exerting so much detail and influence, it leaves a lot left to the imagination for what’s to come, especially in regards to the release of his debut. With now over 1.3 million monthly Spotify listeners and 11,731 direct followers, it won’t be long before Lucky Daye is warping the RnB scene with his unique style and versatile sound.

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