On our radar: Raindear

Written by frtyfve Team

Raindear is the moniker for Swedish solo-artist Rebecca Bergcrantz. Raised by her parents, who are both reputable jazz and classical musicians, Raindear grew up immersed in music. 

Writing her own music from a very young age, she went on to self-produce her debut album ‘Embers’ in 2016, from a studio in her hometown of Malmö. Her latest slice of electro-pop comes in the form of her new single ‘SKY’, which is inspired by escapism and self-determination. 

Following her previous single ‘Diamonds In My Chest’, ‘SKY’ is an illustration of Raindear at her best, so it could be a sign of things to come. It's been a breakthrough week for Raindear with ‘SKY’ added to New Music Friday in Germany, encouraging an increase in her playlist following from just 643 to 382,656 (TalentAI). 

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