On our radar: T MULLA drops latest single ‘Skills’

Written by frtyfve Team

T MULLA has dropped "Skills", his most creative track yet.

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London rapper T MULLA’s latest release ‘Skills’ could be his most creative track yet, underpinned by those palatable afro bashment sounds which have made artists like Hardy Caprio and Not3s so successful this year. But perhaps what sets him apart from his contemporaries is the innovative way in which cultural influences from his childhood are weaved into his songs: listen out for the oriental tones and djembe beats which recall his time playing in an African church choir as a young boy.

Off the back of a strong collaboration with Knucks and SNE (‘Hold Me Down’), T MULLA is showing that his solo releases are just as worthy of our attention.

T Mulla's "Skills" has gained 30,000 playlist followers this week

T MULLA’s playlist followers have increased by 31,178 within just a couple of days of the track’s release. This growth can be in part attributed to features on influential playlists such as BaitList and UK Rap, Grime and Drill (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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