On our radar: Yizzy

Written by Asha Badale

London MC Yizzy releases high-energy track "Hype Ting"

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Lewisham MC Yizzy has just dropped his latest track "Hype Ting", and he goes hard. “This ain’t a hype ting” he proclaims, and based on the almost intimidating force behind his delivery, I don’t think you would want to contradict him. In his own words, the track is about “not caring what the world or anyone thinks of you because you are going to do you and live your life your way”.

Complex, Clash, Fader and some of the most respected tastemakers (Logan Sama, Sian Anderson) have got behind Yizzy, following his impressive EP S.O.S released earlier this year.

Yizzy’s playlist following has grown by 40% this week

Over 600,000 listeners have tuned in to hear what Yizzy offers, expanding his playlist following significantly (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform). With features on huge editorial playlists including Grime Shutdown and New Music Friday UK, Yizzy is an exciting prospect for the UK urban scene.

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