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Toronto rapper Sean Leon switches it up for his sixth project.

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Adding to his impressive discography, Sean Leon’s sixth project ‘Sean Leon (The Death Of)’ offers a more approachable sound without neglecting his ability to create cinematic, detailed music. The self-made, independent artist released the 12-track project on Spotify on the 21st September and has since gained a lot of attraction.

Now boasting over 120,000 Spotify listeners per month and having three out of the five of his most popular tracks coming from the new project, it’s an exciting time for the independent rapper.

The album cites many influences from contemporary hip-hop as well as making a space for its own distinguished sound. From the light, easy-listening ‘90 BPM’, into the fast-paced percussive ‘Iceberg Slim’, Sean Leon keeps you guessing whilst perfectly lulling you into the next track. Compared to his previous work, this project definitely feels more concise in its execution, allowing you to fully take in all of its atmospheric details.

As well as focusing on his own music, Leon is also the founder of the IXXI Initiative crew which features other Canada-based artists such as Daniel Caesar and Wondagurl. Labelling himself a true ‘basement artist’, Leon takes full creative control over his output. Considering the artists he surrounds himself with and works alongside, it’s no surprise his turnout of quality projects is as constant as it is.

Sean Leon has close to 15,000 Spotify artist followers

With features on 12 influential Spotify playlists including Cloud Rap and Gameday, Sean Leon has over 935,000 playlist followers this week, as momentum from the release continues (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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