Track of the Day: Come Alive by WYNNE

Written by James Roriston

Critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist WYNNE delivers stunning new track “Come Alive”

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From the West Coast of the United States, Grammy-nominated WYNNE has already established a name for himself. Taking influence from soundscapes synonymous with film-scores, as well as electronic and western classical music, WYNNE’s output is beautiful.

Both a composer and producer, he has had tracks of his released by ODESZA and Two Door Cinema Club, on labels including RCA and Island Records. Already appearing before sell-out crowds, WYNNE is attracting a significant following and his latest single fuels that buzz.

WYNNE is featured on 51 influential Spotify playlists this week

“Come Alive” slowly unfolds and that’s part of the magic. Remember “Ghost Stories” by Coldplay? This might be somewhat familiar. I actually really enjoyed that record, with more depth and darkness than their previous releases; these qualities drew me to “Come Alive”.

Atmospheric ghost-like soundscape and whirling textures abound, the slow tempo and unfurling layers make for an equally absorbing listen. The chorus breaks out with an almost anthem-like euphoria and lifts the opening darkness. Rory Andrew (the man behind WYNNE) has a rich timbre when he sings and it all culminates in one of the best releases I’ve heard this month. With features on Spotify's Chill Tracks, among 51 influential Spotify playlists, WYNNE has picked up over 7.4 million playlist followers week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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